• Natasha Wilch (Coach)

Why I started Concussion Coach

As you may or may not know I am a physical therapist in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Three years ago I opened my clinic, Symphony Rehabilitation and have loved every second of it!

Symphony was first born as a mobile service only ~ I drove in my Kia Sorento to people's homes to provide them with neurological physiotherapy services. 10 months later I opened the first brick and mortar clinic. Today Symphony has an amazing multi-disciplinary team - we love what we do - we care about our clients - and we take the time to get to know what is important to them!!

Over the span of Symphony's three years of existence our client population evolved. I'm a neurological physiotherapist at heart - I look at everything through a neurological lens - and thus most of clientele at the beginning were individuals with stroke, Parkinson's, MS, Spinal Cord and other neurological diagnoses. Then I started getting referrals for individuals with concussion, more specifically, post concussion syndrome. I very quickly decided I needed to better educate myself on how best to serve this group of clients .... and thus my own journey with working with individuals with post concussion syndrome began.

I DOVE into as much education as I could find ~ I took courses in the physiotherapy world, in the optometry world, neuro, vestibular, pain and the list goes on. I have had many colleagues ask me where my knowledge comes from - and in all honesty - it's not from one place. It's the accumulation of so many different avenues over the past several years. Still deciding I needed more education about the intricate connections between the internal structures of the brain I embarked on my Functional Neurology Training this fall.

My caseload (and the Symphony Clinic caseload) quickly grew to a bias to concussion treatment - the jist from my clients - we approach it differently - and they improve.

However, I began to hear so many of the same things repeated by clients - clients who had never met each other! How they felt alone, how as much as they tried to explain things to their family or friends that they just didn't get it. They would share their symptoms and HOW LONG they had had to wait until they found our clinic or the right health care practitioners to assist them in moving forward. It BOGGLED my brain!!!

I decided something needed to be done - and with my tech skills I do possess (which I won't lie aren't a ton ... but they are enough) I knew I could create a place for individuals living with PCS to feel welcome, to not have to explain themselves, to feel supported - but not only that I can share with you TOOLS and STRATEGIES that you can use in your day to day life to have more control! I can LISTEN to people's journeys - their symptoms - and help DIRECT THEM to the health care providers that may help them!! People do not need to struggle with this alone!

And so, I created Concussion Coach - a community for individuals with PCS to grow and thrive!! I'm so excited to share what I know and to support people on their paths.

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