Thank you so much for joining our Concussion Coach Community! To complete your registration please request to join our FACEBOOK GROUP HERE
Some hints on the FB page:
1) Only work through one "theme" of videos a month - it can be overwhelming if you try to cram them all in 
2)Do the homework - honestly! If you take the time to do the work (that's why I say work through a theme a month) you will notice differences
3) Introduce yourself - share who you are, why you have joined us, what you're looking forward too 
4) Engage - post to the group, respond to posts, ask questions.  This group is very much for YOU!
I am so happy you have joined us!
Your Coach,
Were you hoping for the next level of connection that includes the BIWEEKLY live coaching calls, pre-made downloads to help you execute the homework, and live guest speakers each month?  Then you may want to consider joining our Concussion Coach Membership
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