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Private Community

Support - Empowerment - Tips

Our private community is a place for you to learn from each other, learn from your coach, ask questions, share frustrations.  

This is a space filled with people who GET IT! 


Live coaching  takes place every 3rd Tuesday with  your coach Natasha Wilch.  Each session we discuss the monthly theme & then it is an open forum to ask the questions you want answers too.

Recorded Lessons  are waiting for you in your members area to work through at your own pace

Guest Expert Series

To complement and dive deeper into our monthly themes we welcome a Guest Expert  to join us on a coaching call.

 Our guests share their knowledge and make themselves available to answer your questions

Guest Calls are announced at least a month prior

About Concussion Coach

When you break your leg everyone knows you're injured and recovering - how? Because you are wearing a cast, or an air boot, or using a crutch. 

When you're living with Post Concussion Syndrome you WISH you had a cast that everyone could see.  Because if you had that cast, people - your friends, your family - would understand that you are recovering!


Unfortunately, you don't get that luxury.  Ultimately you look just like you did before your concussion ~ you have an invisible diagnosis that your friends & family don't really understand.  And trying to explain that to them, or trying to live up to the expectation of what your life used to be ~ is lonely, is frustrating and is SYMPTOM PROVOKING! 

Concussion Coach connects you to a community that understands.  A community that you don't need to wear a hot pink, thigh-high plaster cast in - because we GET IT! 

Concussion Coach was created for individuals living with Post Concussion Syndrome.  It is a community of support, of education, of guidance and coaching to help you THRIVE in your life. 

"Concussion Coach is a true treasure! Not only does Natasha have advanced training in concussions, but she is incredibly compassionate and uplifting."
~ B, member
Lesson's currently available

Planning & Pacing 

Understanding  Your Triggers 

Exercise ~ getting back into exercise & progression of exercise


Managing your Multidisciplinary Team


Cognitive Fog

Being Intentional with your time

Is there something you want to learn? I want to know what that is!!  Send me an email and let's make it happen - this  program is for YOU

Themes: What you will learn


Join Concussion Coach 

Your search for others that "get it" has succeeded ~ you found us!

Joining Concussion Coach makes you part of our Team.   You will not only learn new tools for yourself, but I guarantee you will also teach a fellow teammate a thing or two.  


Concussion Coach Membership

The Concussion Coach Membership is what you need to shift the needle forward in your recovery. 


The membership includes:

* An amazing community of others who are also travelling this journey like you.  No need to explain, they get it

*video lessons on topics relevant to you 

* monthly LIVE group coaching calls 

* direct access to your coach via the calls, forum & office hours

* a network of health professionals to be linked too 

* clear & organized members area of the website  

$35.00 a month

*ability to cancel at anytime

Meet your Coach

Hello! I'm thrilled you are here and entertaining the idea of joining me and our concussion team, because really, that's what we are. We each do our part individually but come together to support each other collectively. 

My name is Natasha Wilch.  I'm a registered Physical Therapist who has dedicated my continued training to the brain, the nervous system and concussion.  Where most people read novels for fun, I read research studies.  My post graduate training includes Vestibular Rehabilitation, Functional Neurology, Bobath, Motor Planning, Neuro-Optometry and the list goes on.  I am the owner of Symphony Rehabilitation  and creator of Concussion Coach. 

I hear a version of your story almost daily in my clinic from my own clients. They have been bounced from practitioner to practitioner, they feel alone, like no one understands, they are given wrong or conflicting advice, OR they are given so many things to do they don't even know where to begin!


 The visit usually end with a box of Kleenex and my reassurance to my client that they are not alone, this is not all in their head (another common theme), and they WILL improve and move forward in their journeys!!


In my clinic I saw the desperate need to connect my clients with each other ~ I wanted them to have social connection with others who understood EXACTLY what they were experiencing ~ I wanted to be able to share education, strategies and tools, to help them make sense of it all, and for us to learn from each other.  At Symphony, this led to the creation of BRAIN POWER - our Post Concussion Exercise Group.  But it's so much more then exercise!!   I saw how much my clients valued the group, how much they learned about themselves - and I knew others would benefit the same. 

As your coach my job is to teach you the tools and  the strategies you need to manage your post concussion symptoms.  To support and empower you so that YOU can find the motivation to continue moving forward in your journey.  It's about helping you make a plan to takes you from where you are today to where you want to be.  And it's connecting you with a team that you can feel safe, be yourself and learn with! 

(for my full detailed bio visit the Symphony Rehabilitation website)

Would you like to work with Natasha 1:1? Learn more about our Intensives at Symphony Rehabilitation or email us here


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"Working with Natasha was a blessing. My recovery took a major upswing as soon as I started working with her. She is knowledgeable, confident and extremely empathetic to the struggles of concussion recovery. After working with Natasha for only a couple of weeks my anxiety got much better and I began to make some major improvements. She is truly an amazing individual with an awesome arsenal of exercises and techniques to help people continue to move forward in recovery. I would not be where I am today if it was not for Natasha."

~ James 

"It was one of my best days in 4 years because I wasn't blindly fumbling through triggers and symptoms.  This was a direct result of the videos here. FINALLY, I've got some instruction for this muddled state of post-concussion confusion. Thank you Natasha, I'm so grateful for the help you're giving here."

~ Beth

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